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Effects of Happiness at work

more sales (Martin Seligman)

More Productivity (Arawaka)

More Innovation (uc berkeley)

Learning skills is not enough. Changing consciousness is the
essence of any training that is going to produce permanent results

Our System

Shifting the Energy System

Changing consciousness is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Soft skill training alone is insufficient and results are minimal and do not endure because focus is primarily on acquiring skills. The Shifting Energy System is unique because soft skills become natural by-products of transforming consciousness.When people are happy, cultivating a positive state of mind, relationships improve. When relationships improve, communication, support and teamwork improves.

When people are happy, their perception changes. They see opportunities where they once saw problems or obstacles. They bring the best part of themselves to work. Creativity, inspiration and focus replace drudgery, distraction and lack of enthusiasm.Soul Tools specializes in changing attitudes and behavior at the core level.

When applied throughout your organization results are dramatic.

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Happy people cultivate better relationships at home and at work. 

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